Marketing Companies

Execute campaigns that generate the best results with tools to help you understand customer habits and attitudes and pinpoint their preferences.

  • Targeted Demographics and Better Audience Profiling

  • Optimized Marketing Campaigns

  • Speedier Reporting Process and Quality Insights

Retail Clients.

Be it the brick-and-mortar store or online eCommerce, loss of valuable inventory is a consistent problem. Thanks to BI and data warehousing solutions, retail companies can keep a closer look at their inventory stocks and reduce their business losses

  • Identify where customers are coming from

  • Track customer spending patterns and behaviours

  • Drive profitability through customer retention

  • Gain visibility into business operations from a supply-chain perspective

  • Target marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness

Professional firms

Industrial Corporations.

BI technology can derive insights from geological data to determine the location of oil and gas, and mineral deposits. Thanks to data-driven technology, the industry are able to keep control over commodity prices as well as increase their profitability.

  • Keep track of project management

  • State-of-the-art progress tracking

  • aResource Conflict resolution

  • Real time KPI company or project wide

  • Investor’s reports

Glean the overall health of your company with Custom KPIs

Making A Positive Impact On Your Business.

Data Quality Management (or DQM)

Good data quality is critical for deriving the right insights from the available data and taking the right decisions.

Business Intelligence for Sales and Marketing

Access the latest sales and purchasing trends among your customers without relying on any technical IT expert or business analyst.

Data Discovery

Detect patterns and derive insights in data through data analytics tools.

Predictive Analytics & Reporting

Determining future business trends from the current data patterns.

Collaborative BI

Collaboration between BI technology and online database tools like social media and web technologies.

Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics in the eCommerce industry enables online retailers to use multi-channel marketing to promote and sell their products across multiple channels.

Identifying and meeting your needs.

Help us understand your expectations. Your unique requirements will be our priority when we design your solution.

What is needed for your BI Solution?

  • Where are the process issues: Wrong data? Excessive manual effort?

  • Is there is a lack of current, integrated data or relevant reports?

  • What indicators are needed?

  • Which dimensions (customers, products or duration) are to be used for data analysis and how in depth should it be?

  • What analysis capabilities and perspectives are there, and how are data models taken into account?

  • What relevance do the aforementioned indicators have?

What is already in place?

  • Which BI classifications are already set in the company?

  • Are there any existing databases or reporting systems, etc. in the company?

  • What information or indicators are available or can be calculated from the raw data?

  • Are technologies that provide transparency and functionality already available in the company?

  • How can staff within the company be involved in the BI project?

  • What personal contribution can the company give regarding knowledge and human resources?

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